LHS-200-X Downloads

(Download both the Installation Guide & the Supplemental Guide)

LHS-200-X Installation & User’s Guide (Rev A3) – Updated May 2024

Supplemental Wiring Guide (LHS-200-X) – Updated V3.0

200-C Upgrade Guide V2.0

200-B Upgrade Guide V2.0

LHS-100-X Downloads:

LHS-100-B & LHS-100-G Installation & Users Guide

LHS-101-B Downloads:

LHS 101-B Installation & Users Guide

VBox & VBox PLUS (Voice & Data Recorder):

VBox Installation & Users Guide

VBox Operations & Reference Guide (V1)

Quick-Disconnect Pins Color Code

Access Panel cut-out

LHS 100-B/200-B/200-C 1:1 scale PDF file (US Letter size) that can be used as a template for cut-out. PLEASE “uncheck” your printer “fit to size”, or similar. Place the unit on top of the printout to check mounting holes are correct as this confirms the printed page is 1:1 scale. This page is also shipped along with orders as well. Download it here: 1:1 cut-out scale

The callouts (audio announcements) for the 100 Series is Female voice. The new 200 Series uses a Male voice. A firmware upgrade to change it back to Female voice can be emailed. Please send us an email.

The LHS-200 Series use the same case as the 100-B. Use the 100-B image below for the 200 Series dimensions.

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