Landing Height System (LHS-200-B)


Landing Height System (200 ft)


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This is our new FAA NORSEE Certified upgraded model LHS-200-B.   This unit is suitable for airplane with a fixed landing gear.
This unit also suitable for installation on retractable gear airplane if the Gear Warning System is not required.



This Landing Height System is FAA-approved for installations on FAA-certified airplanes.

It includes a built-in eye-safe Class 1 Laser (Light Detection and Ranging) along with an audio interface system so height announcements can be heard when coming to land.

  • Aural height announcements starting 200 ft.
  • Fully enclosed unit with quick-disconnect 5-wire connector
  • An advance Audio interface that can be updated to use any language or accent if desired
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Set-Up and feedback with any Phone (iOS or Andriod), Tablets, or PC/Laptops
  • Runs on both 12V or 24V Aircraft power Systems.
  • GPS RS232 input from an external GPS.


The Landing Height System offers situational awareness aid, added safety, and great advantages; especially in situations such as:

  • When being used to 50 ft wide runway then visiting a 100 ft or 150 ft wide runways.
  • Night landings especially when not current.
  • When transitioning from a slower/trainer airplane to a higher-performance airplane.


Customers actual feedback:

– Perfect when going to a wider or different width runway.

– Precise and perfect landing each time.

– Helped me a lot at night landings with my not-so-bright landing light


New Features:

The 200-B model includes a GPS RS232 Aviation/NMEA 0183 format input.  This input when connected to a GPS source on the airplane, will offer higher GPS reported altitude. 
The 200-B uses the exact same case & laser sensor as the previous 100-B model.


This unit is approved for installation on an access panel or inspection plate internally (above the access panel; inside the wing or fuselage).  Contact us for a different unit that is approved for external installations (below an access panel or inspection plate)

Download the Installation & User’s Guide (Rev A2).

Also download the MUST read Supplemental Wiring Guide.

For this product, refer to Model: LHS-200-B  

These documents covers all the requirements, installation procedures, approved locations along with wiring guide and upgrade notes.



The LHS must be installed using a suitable access panel or inspection plate. Almost all general aviation airplanes have a suitable access panel that can fit the LHS unit.  In certain situations where a suitable access panel is not available, “Superior Aircraft Components” company is selling an access panel kit prefabricated with the required LHS cut-outs. The link below takes you directly to their product page & site.  

(Microkit Solutions is not affiliated with Superior Aircraft Components, Please direct sales / support / questions for this Access Panel kit to Superior Aircraft Component)

Check it out here: (Note, this is ONLY needed if a suitable access panel is not found and your A&P needs to make an access panel for the LHS) Superior Aircraft Components LHS Access Panel kit



LHS installed on a Cirrus SR22 G3

LHS installed on a Cessna Skylane RG





Landing Height System (LHS-200-B)

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