Landing Height System – 70ft

Landing Height System.  Starting from 70 ft.

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This Landing Height System is FAA-approved for installations on FAA-certified airplanes.

It includes a built-in eye-safe Class 1 Laser (Light Detection and Ranging) along with an audio interface system so height announcements can be heard when coming to land.

  • Aural height announcements starting 70 ft.
  • Fully enclosed unit with quick-disconnect 4-wire connector
  • Advance Audio interface which can be configured to use any language or accent if desired
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Set-Up and feedback with any Phone (iOS or Andriod), Tablets, or PC/Laptops
  • Runs on both 12V or 24V Aircraft power
  • NOW (Dec 2020 FAA approval) includes an option for a “Check Landing Gear” voice reminder. Once enabled via the Wi-Fi interface, this reminder is heard after the system announces the 70′ mark. Other voice reminders are being considered and new features can be uploaded via Wi-Fi in the field.



The Landing Height System offers situational awareness aid, added safety, and great advantages; especially in situations such as:

  • When being used to 50 ft wide runway then visiting a 100 ft or 150 ft wide runways.
  • Night landings especially when not current.
  • When transitioning from a slower/trainer airplane to a higher-performance airplane.



Customers actual feedback:

– Perfect when going to a wider or different width runway.

– Precise and perfect landing each time.

– Helped me a lot at night landings with my not-so-bright landing light


The differences between the 100-B and this 70′ unit (100-G):
  • 100-B unit starts announcements from 200ft.  The 70′ unit, of course, starts announcements from 70′. (Note: either unit may skip the first announcement depending on obstacles, approach angle, and descent rate).  
  • 100-B unit uses a different cut-out for the Inspection plate.  You can see a photo example of each installation on the main page and/or each product page.
  • 100-B unit uses a slightly larger case (only a few millimeters extra in height).
  • Starting from 70ft and below, both units operate exactly the same.
  • 100-B unit uses a different laser element than a 70′ unit.  Both units use the same exact system, circuit board, and wiring.


This unit is approved for installation on an access panel or inspection plate internally (above the access panel; inside the wing or fuselage).  Contact us for a different unit that is approved for external installations (below an access panel or inspection plate)

Download the full Installation & User’s Guide.   For this product, refer to Model: LHS-100-G. 

This document covers all the requirements, installation procedures, and approved locations.



Model LHS-100-G installed on a Mooney


Landing Height System – 70ft

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