LHS for External or Internal Installation (101-B Model)


Landing Height System.

This unit is approved for external installation below an access panel or inspection plate.

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This model is offered for situations where an internal installation above an access panel is not suitable or available. Or, if the space above an access panel is small to house the fully enclosed LHS units.
This model separates the eye-safe laser element and offers it in a smaller package. This model is NORSEE approved as a two-part installation and the laser element can be mounted either internally (above an access panel) or externally (below an access panel).
The laser element housing is IP67 rated and is fully sealed from the element.  It comes prepared with a quick-disconnect connecter.   It connects directly to the separate control unit installed at any suitable location inside the cockpit.

This Landing Height System is FAA approved for installations on FAA-certified airplanes.

It includes a built-in eye-safe Class 1 Laser (Light Detection and Ranging) along with an audio interface system so height announcements can be heard when coming to land.

  • Aural height announcements starting 100 ft (Note: This is going to be increased to 200′ shortly, it will be just a firmware update and can be done after installation)
  • Separate laser module prepared with a quick-disconnect 4-wire connector
  • Advance Audio interface which can be configured to use any language or accent if desired
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Set-Up and feedback with any Phone (iOS or Andriod), Tablets, or PC/Laptops
  • Runs on both 12V or 24V Aircraft power
  • NOW (Dec 2020 FAA approval) includes an option for a “Check Landing Gear” voice reminder. Once enabled via the Wi-Fi interface, this reminder is heard after the system announces the 70′ mark. Other voice reminders are being considered and new features can be uploaded via Wi-Fi in the field.


The Landing Height System offers situational awareness aid, added safety, and great advantages; especially in situations such as:

  • When being used to 50 ft wide runway then visiting a 100 ft or 150 ft wide runways.
  • Night landings especially when not current.
  • When transitioning from a slower/trainer airplane to a higher-performance airplane.


Customers actual feedback:

– Perfect when going to a wider or different width runway.

– Precise and perfect landing each time.

– Helped me a lot at night landings with my not-so-bright landing light


This unit is approved for installation on an access panel or inspection plate either internally or externally. 

Download the full Installation & User’s Guide.   This is only for Model: LHS-101-B. 

This document covers all the requirements, installation procedures, and approved locations.




LHS for External or Internal Installation (101-B Model)

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