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Upgrade Installed LHS 100 Series to 200 Series.


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Order this product to upgrade a previously purchased LHS 100 Series to the latest LHS 200 Series.

The unit needs to come back to us for main board replacement.

Once ordered; print the order confirmation page, include it with the unit and ship it to us.  UPS Ground is preferred as UPS comes to our location several times a day.

The LHS unit does not require a big shipping box or a lot of protection; we use a 5x5x4 shipping box, and it’s more than adequate. Use one layer of bubble wrap and the smallest box it can fit.

It’s far more important to add a “package lost” insurance than using a large box for shipping.

The new unit will be shipped back within two business days of receiving (as long as you ordered while “In Stock”).

If your order is “backorder”, please DO NOT SHIP the unit back until you see we are “In Stock” or send us an email to confirm. (This is only for order confirmation that is marked as “backorder”).


For our international customers; make sure you describe the unit as: Returned for Service/Upgrade. 

We will indicate the same when we ship it back, along with a reference to the received tracking number. 

This should lower and possibly eliminate new import duty/VAT

Download the 200-C Upgrade Guide V2.0

Download the 200-B Upgrade Guide V2.0

New Features

The LHS 200 Series adds two major features (GPS Input & Gear Warning System) along with few other minor changes.

GPS Input (All 200 Series models)

The LHS GPS Input accepts an RS232 “Aviation Output” format GPS data.  This feature is optional and not-required for the normal operation of the LHS.  It’s disabled by default and can be enabled using the LHS unit Wi-Fi interface.

 If the GPS data includes GPS reported altitude, this feature can be enabled to announce 3000 ft, 2000 ft, 1000 ft and 500 ft GPS altitude.    For 200 ft and below, announcements are still actual laser based above surface level reporting.

LHS also decodes GPS reported speed.  Pilots who fly IMC a lot can set up a speed value (Approach speed + 20 kt, for example) in the LHS unit, and the unit will mute any ice crystal hits or such if the reported speed is above the setup speed.   Note that the 200 Series introduced an extra software detection layer for IMC operations which is different from the 100-B; in most cases we expect very minor or no false-positives announcement while flying in IMC without using the Speed detection feature.

If GPS feed is activated but no feed present; the system reverts to normal operation with no GPS data feed.  For full GPS input operations and limitations, refer to the last three pages of the 200-X User’s Guide.

Gear Warning System (200-C model only)

The 200-C model now “physically” check the status/condition of the landing gear and if the unit starts seeing the ground (220 ft and below) with the gear is still retracted; it won’t be announcing the range but will be repeating “Check Landing Gear” every few seconds until either the Gear Switch is lowered or airplane started to climb.  This feature is optional and not-required for the normal operation of the LHS.  It’s disabled by default and can be enabled using the LHS unit Wi-Fi interface.

Power-On Announcements  (All 200 Series models)

Audio Functions -> Audio Options button

if enabled, an option to announce “Landing Height System Ready” message can be selected either to be announced immediately after unit Power-On, 2 minutes after, 5 minutes after, or 10 minutes after power-on.

Mute All or Part of the Announcements

Audio Functions -> Special Options button

This option allows disabling callouts for installations that require GPS only or Gear Warning System only.   Three selections available:

Standard (default) is normal operations.

Mute 200 ft & below: Mutes all AGL (laser based) announcements.  It keeps the GPS announcements (if enabled) and also keeps the Gear Warning System (if enabled).

Announce 50 ft & below: Mutes AGL (laser based) between 200 ft & 70 ft, announces 50 ft and below.

Audio System Enhancements:

Audio Functions -> Audio Gain & Volume button.

The 200 Series uses an enhanced audio output circuit; the unit is able to add +3 & +6 Gain on the audio output to increase the gain for those who feel they need a higher gain on the audio output.  The volume can also be increased.

Shipped firmware now uses male voice for all announcements.

An option to upload a female voice firmware will be available online.

General Enhancements:

The 200-x series uses 3 times faster internal microprocessor unit, two times faster audio processing system, next level Wi-Fi interface components and extra internal storage space.

Upgrade Options

The 100-B, 200-B & 200-C uses the exact same case & laser sensor.  Physically, these three models share the same unit and all 100-B models can be easily upgraded to 200 Series.

See next section for expected changes on existing installations.   The 100-G model requires a sensor change.

100-B -> 200-B: $80 + shipping.

100-B -> 200-C: $125 + shipping.

100-G -> 200-B: $180 + Shipping (includes sensor change)

100-G -> 200-C: $225 + Shipping (includes sensor change)

Expected changes required on existing installation.

100-B/G models use 4-pin Quick Disconnect.

The 200-B models also use the same 4-pin Quick Disconnect.

This makes swapping 100-x to 200-B Plug-and-Play (if the new GPS Input feature is not immediately required).

On most 100-x installations, the 4th wire (Green, designated Audio LO on 100-x models) is not actually used, as both the Audio Panel & LHS share the same airplane ground level.  This existing wire can now be used for the GPS RS232 input if this feature is desirable.    For 100-B/G customers who wish to upgrade to 200-B; units can be upgraded and swapped with no changes and add/fix the 4th wire to GPS input at a later stage such as annual or downtime.

The GPS input is a single wire that connects to a suitable GPS source.

Refer to the 200-B Upgrade Guide for more technical details on the actual wiring.

The 200-C model uses a 5-pin Quick Disconnect cable. For immediate upgrade and semi-plug-and-play; the existing installed 4-pin connector (airplane side) can be cut at the center; 3 wires of that connector are crimped to three wires of the new 5-pin connector, crimping the balance of two wires for later upgrade.   This quick change allows 200-C to operate without the GPS & Gear Warning System and these two extra wires can be added at a later stage such as during next annual or during down-time.

The GPS input is a single wire that connects to a suitable GPS source.  The Gear Warning System input is a single wire that connects to either your gear switch or Down indicator light.

Refer to the 200-C Upgrade Guide for more technical details on the actual wiring.

LHS Upgrade Options

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 2 × 2.35 in
Upgrade Options

Upgrade 100-B to 200-B, Upgrade 100-B to 200-C (Gear Warning System), Upgrade 100-G (70 ft) to 200-B (200 ft), Upgrade 100-G (70 ft) to 200-C (Gear Warning System)

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